Thursday, June 13, 2013

Is it already this hot?

I can't believe it's already so hot! Well I can believe it, I just can't believe it's already here again! Aaannd with our babysitter studying abroad in Spain for the month of June, we are running out of inside activities. So while picking up something that I bought from Southlake Treasure Exchange (which I highly recommend), I thought we would have a little spontaneous Chuck E Cheese outing.

Nolan looks a little crazed.....

Kitty met us there for a little fun!!

Of course Hannah Claire had the time of her life!!

The next day we met some friends at the pool. It. Was. Miserable. I wasn't even the pool, I was sitting in the shade with Hannah Claire, and was dripping. While I didn't get a chance to capture some pictures of Nolan in the pool, as I slid off my chair, I did get a picture of the after math of the exhausting day.

Sweet babies. Welcome summer, ugh, I guess.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nolan's Fun Day From Mamoo

So this isn't going to be a long, drawn out post, just a few pictures of our fun day at Hawaiian Falls. Mamoo told Nolan if he did well aaalll ten days at swim, he could go to the water park.

Getting ready to go in...he's cool.

Nolan and Mamoo!

He even got Dippin Dots!

Hannah Claire couldn't contain herself.

Thanks for a fun day Mamoo!! (Kitty's hat.)

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

"He's just a little fish!"

If you would have told me last summer that those words be used to describe Nolan and swimming, I would have laughed! Nolan started swimming lessons when he was very young. I think before 1...sadly, I don't remember. But he was young. I thought, if I introduced him at an early age, he would not be afraid of the water. While I was correct in that, I did not foresee Nolan's stubbornness getting the best of him, AND me! He would only do well with one teacher. He COULD swim, but only when he wanted to. Not only was it frustrating for me to sit and watch, but I know it was super frustrating for the parents who had kids in his
class, the kids in his class, and the poor teachers. So on one of his not so good swim days, he started crying relentlessly. And in one of my, not so proud of, parent moments, I yanked him out and we did. not. go. back.

I had, had it! We didn't finish the swim lessons, and I did not enroll him again. I was disappointed because I loved Aqua Kids, but how could I go back now. Not only was I super embarrassed, but Nolan had definitely made a lasting impression, and not in a good way. But as the year went on, and summer started to approach again, I had been learning stuff about Nolan. (As we tend to do as parents, learn as we go.) Nolan doesn't do well with change, and I always catered to that to an extreme point. So in my thinking I was helping him by "preparing" him for the change by going on and on about what was to come. I have learned that, while he still needs to be prepared, I needed to find the happy medium between over preparing to the point where I think I made him nervous, and not telling him at all and he wouldn't perform because it was too new.

So fast forward to this summer. I was nervous about doing Aqua Kids again, because of the negative feelings we BOTH related with the place. But they were one of the only schools that started swim the last week in May. So I signed him up for a two-week camp, everyday. I told him, "you are going back to the place where you took swim lessons, to have fun, and learn how to swim because you need to be safe."

Day one, swam half way across the pool, and took his breath all on his own. I was in shock! Now, I'm sure his getting older has a lot to do with his ability to adapt to situations a lot better, but still! He did awesome! He was immediately bumped up to the next level and his teacher had nothing but great things to say about him. "He's just a little fish," she kept saying.

By the end of the camp he could not only swim across the entire pool, but swim across on his back, and back float. Ms. Caitlin did a fantastic job working with him, and Nolan did a fantastic job at listening and following directions and progressing so quick. I could not be more proud of my "little fish!"

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Better late than never...I guess

Well hello again!! It's only been about two years err so. Man, what a horrible feeling!!! As I sat day after day and told myself, "ok, you need to start your blog again." "Ok, Jessica, are you going to remember this, you need to document this somehow!" I finally realized, the precious moments were not going to stop and wait for me to blog. And my kids, (yes plural, the last time I wrote I had one) were not getting any younger.

So, in order to be able to have some documentation of my kids lives...I thought, better late than never. And this is really for me anyway, so who really cares where I start, how out of order my events may be, and if I need to back blog just a tad (like two years). I needed to start again somewhere. So here is starting on Nolan's last day of preschool 2013.

I am the worst at first and last day of school pictures because, since I work, Nolan stays in school through the summer. He will go a little less, but still goes. But I managed to snap a pic as he walked out the door.

I can't believe he is going to be starting his last year of preschool in August!! How cliche, but really, where has the time gone!! This is the last pic with a nap mat too. "The big boy class doesn't need nap mats." (Tear)

Without writing sooo much in one blog entry, I won't go on and on, and will document my baby girl, in some other entries. BUT, I must brag on my precious boy and how great of a big brother he is. I love that he actually wants to hold her. So if I want to put make up on, I can say "will you please hold Hannah Claire while you watch Bubble Guppies," and he doesn't care at all....

Or, "Please play with her on her mat while I cook dinner." This is what I found the other day..."they" made a fort...

I love them! So without going on and on...that was a little bit of the goings on lately. I'm also SUPER excited to say, that my wonderful sisters and myself are in the process of starting a new blog!! And we couldn't be MORE excited!! So yay to new things, and well, welcome back to me!!!

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Clearing Hurdles

I always loved the hurdles in junior high. They were always so intimidating and kind of scary as you approached them...but with the right coaching and the right form, they didn't seem so bad! And once you cleared them you had such a feeling of joy and accomplishment! The past couple of days have brought me back to my days (mind you, they were few, but still existed) of running hurdles.

Yesterday I had to go back for my 6 week checkup following my D & C. Don't you always love when you are lying on the table and the doctor says..."Well that's just so strange, I've never seen that before..." Well gee thanks if you don't know what it the HECK am I supposed to Google it! Just kidding, but really...what kind of assurance does she think she is giving me by acting like I'm some kind of anomaly. What she was referring to was the odd amount of blood in my much to where I could actually see it flowing on the ultrasound machine. Could be material she didn't get in the D & C, could be from a menstruation...who knows (literally)...but hopefully in a week it won't be there anymore...

The other news I found out, was that the baby died because "she" had Turner's Syndrome, which after researching, found out that it only occurs in girls. I'm glad that we know why the baby died, but knowing that it was actually a little girl, brings back all of the emotions again, that I thought we had already dealt with, and makes the fact that it actually was a baby more real. And since we know that she did have a chromosome malfunction, the doctor wants us to go to genetic counseling...

So. As I continue to go over these hurdles, they are a little scary...but I know that God has coached me to get though them and he will help me get over them with great "form"...and once I am over them, it feels so great knowing that God helped me to do it, and well, that I did it! And if nothing else, I am beyond grateful for my little man..(and boy does he ever look like a little old man in this pic...)

and the overwhelming support  of my family and friends...who I know I can depend on no matter WHAT!!! So if you are thinking of me in the next couple of days, please say a little prayer that 1.) genetic counseling would go well 2.) the random blood in my uterus would be gone AAANDD 3.) the cysts on my ovary would be gone (which I forgot to mention, but didn't seem like too big of a problem). Prayers would be greatly appreciated....thanks all!

Monday, October 24, 2011

1000 mg of "chill" and Toddler Truths

Soo usually I post on things happening in my life, or mainly Nolan's...but TONIGHT, I thought I would just share a piece of my mind.. :) (cue venting)

Too often lately, I have noticed that people in general really just need to CHILL OUT. For some reason, well, let me re-phrase that, I am sure there are MANY reasons why people are in a bad mood... I will be the first one to admit that I DEFINITELY have those days, but COME ON PEOPLE, we are ALL going through different battles, yet can still CHOOSE how we let those affect us.
(now cue long story, so skip past this part if you're in a rush)
Last week I was driving through a shopping center, and came to a place that needs to be a four way stop. BUT for whatever reason, it isn't. So more than once, I have stopped and anticipated the other person is going to stop and started going, and then have to stop short because they are going...ok NOT that big of a deal..we all have done it. Is that the best driving tip? By no means no. But I stop immediately and am not in the way. So on a day where I have done this yet again, I again, stop immediately and say, well mouth, "Oh soorryy  :/" in return, this lovely lady mouthed..."LEARN HOW TO DRIVE, YOU MOTHER (explicit)..." then flips me off...     WOW... I mean, was that at all necessary.

Then in Costco yesterday, as I was talking to the sample girl about how her day was going being the lucky girl that gets to pass out the ROASTED SEAWEED...gag....a lady, loudly exclaims behind me..."Move it!!"   Ohhh, no, did she just say that?? I said, "You COULD have said excuse me.." She whips around and says " [pause with a dirty look] Ex-ca-UUSE YYOOU "    another wow. 

I am blown away by people!!! Take a chill pill, and try to enjoy life a little would not only make you feel better, but the others around you as well...

And now very quickly for the TODDLER TRUTHS

As we were running to the park today, Nolan says behind me "haha .. Mommy's belllyyy"

I have now decided to put BOTH of these on my nightstand.

Tracy Anderson Method -- DO 3 REPS OF THE FOLLOWING: 50 crunches 20 squat jumps 1 minute plank 2 minute wall sit 30 side crunches, each side 20 roll- back- and- jumps 20 v- ups 150 calf raises; 90 regular, 30 right leg, 30 left leg

repeat this cycle 2x right when you wake up in the morning :) 50 jumping jacks 5 pushups 20 sit ups 20 mountain climbers 30 second plank 7 burbees....Ok I really am trying this...everyday, until Christmas and see if I notice anything...
Sleep tight everyone!!

Friday, September 16, 2011


I have never been the type to lay all of my feelings out on the table. I always try to be the strong one in trying situations, and let others lean on me. Although very recently I have learned that when you let your guard down, it feels good to have comfort and support from those that care about you. I'm sometimes bad about telling everyone the right details, and at times, things are harder to talk about, and since I haven't updated my blog in almost a YEAR, I figured, there is no better place to share a few thoughts.

About 6 weeks ago, Jonathan and I found out I was pregnant! We were very excited, as we didn't want to wait too, too long in between a second and Nolan. I went to the doctor, what they thought was 6 weeks, but it wound up being off a little. We were a little bummed that we didn't see a heartbeat, since I had a blighted ovum, that ultimately had to be removed with a D&C in February, and hoped that it wasn't going to be the same thing. However, they did see a fetal pole, a baby forming, so the doctor was hopeful that it was just too soon. And she was right...

We went back a week later and the baby was measuring 6 weeks and 6 days, and had a strong heartbeat!! Yaay! I had a few minor things going on, so the doctor wanted to see me every week until 10 weeks. So the next visit was good too... a growing baby, and a heart rate of 175...

I was so anxious for that last appointment, b/c we could finally start telling people! Unfortunately, when I went in for my 10 week appointment, the news was not so great this time. The baby had stopped growing at 9 weeks, and the doctor could not see a heartbeat. Apparently, the baby was "very abnormal" according to the doctor. And there would have been a lot of complications, had it made it.

Yesterday I had to go get a D & C, which I am very grateful that they were able to get me in so soon. I was glad that the Chaplain came in, and gave us a little something to keep...

Wednesday and yesterday were days of very mixed emotions. At times I was completely fine to talk about it, while others it was very hard to hold back the tears. I also felt guilty for being sad, when others have lost so much more. But as I talked to Jonathan, and he reassured me that everything is in God's plan, I couldn't help but to think of the blessings that still came out of the situation.

According to the doctor, it was very rare for what happened to happen so early on in the pregnancy, so I am so blessed that it did happen that early.

I am blessed by so many of the encouraging words that people offered.

I am blessed knowing that I have a little baby in heaven waiting for me.

And most of all, I am blessed that I have such a wonderful husband, and beautiful boy that is the greatest blessing.